SKYWAVE wing foil wing 4.2M

Our latest Skywave wings incorporate ultra-light Ho'okipa fabric in the leading edge, strut and trailing edges. 25% lighter and 10 x stronger than conventional Dacron, this, in combination with our innovative full radial cut super stable panelling, results in a super lightweight wing offering epic performance.

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"If you want to elevate your winging experience and take it to the next level, the power and control you capture with your wing has to be at the top of the list."

Our Skywave wings represent a pinnacle blend of cutting-edge fabric and radial cut panels, so you can immediately feel the responsiveness and stability of the canopy, which remains stable under high wind gust loads, and offers a higher angle of attack when angling up-wind. The Skywave wings represent an evolutionary leap in wing performance and freedom to push the boundaries of enjoyment. 

Super lightweight, hydrophobic, UV resistant, cut and tear resistant, and abrasion resistant. Ho'okipa Ultra PE is up to 25% lighter and 10 x stronger than polyester-based Dacron, 15x stronger than steel at the same weight, and twice as light as carbon fibre, and so light that it floats on water. A high amount of material in the composite is structural, resulting in a superb blend of responsiveness, lightness, and durability.

Using Ho'okipa for the strut ensures improved structural integrity when pumping and on landings. Higher leading edge and strut tension is achieved, significantly improving responsiveness, canopy stability, and rider feedback and control levels. With up to 50% greater leading-edge (LE) pressure and reduced diameter, drag is reduced, resulting in a higher potential angle of upwind attack and higher top speeds, ideal in offshore biased winds to help keep the rider on the wave face and return to shore.

Most wings run panels horizontally and parallel to the central strut resulting in opposing torsional forces forming stress creases diagonally in opposing angles to the panels. Studying spinnaker sails, it was concluded a radial cut wing would be the logical option. Hence, as the forces radiate outward from the rear to the leading edges, spreading the load in sync with the canopy spinnaker cloth in a more uniform direction. 

Included equipment
  • Leash Wrist leash
  • Bag Cordura back pack
  • Pump Not included
  • Valve Dual valve system. Separate for strut and leading edge.
  • Front Wing Specs Ho'okipa Ultra PE
  • Fuselage Specs Ho'okipa Ultra PE
  • Base Material Polyester Dacron canopy panels. Includes trailing edge battens.
  • Handle Design Starre Strebengriffe
  • Rider level Intermediate, Advanced
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Ho'okipa Ultra PE strut, leading and trailing edges (black). Canopy non-absorbent Polyester (Dacron) sailcloth. Nylon stitching.
  • Care Rinse after use in freshwater, and pack away dry and debris-free. Keep valves free of sand. Repairs to the canopy, use sail cloth repair tape.
  • Storage Rinse after use in freshwater, and pack away dry and debris-free. Keep valves free of sand. Repairs to the canopy, use sail cloth repair tape.
Product size
  • Size wing 4.2m
  • Activities Winging
  • Color Blue