Sultan 1100 / M83 / F70 - hydrofoil set | Mistral x SABfoil

A complete hydrofoil system designed specifically for wing-foiling excelling in freestyle and freeriding in moderate to strong winds.

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Our Sultan FW1100 hydrofoil kit delivers outstanding performances for those dedicated to freeride winging and those wanting to develop freestyle skills in moderate and strong winds. The surface area of 1100 cm2 and 799 mm wingspan and high-aspect profile guarantee exceptional levels of manoeuvrability and agility while delivering high levels of lift. Freeride (Moderate to High Wind) and Freestyle (Moderate to High Wind).

Performance Ratings
Lift: 90%, Manoeuvrability: 100%, Top Speed: 80%, Ease of Pumping: 80%, Ease of Use: 80%

Performance highlights
With outstanding manoeuvrability, the Sultan hydrofoil FW1100 assembly, combined with an extremely high lift rating, makes this a fantastic freeride and freestyle capable choice excelling in moderate to strong winds for those that live in windy areas and prefer playing in higher winds. Leaning towards the high aspect, the Sultan FW1100 set-up delivers plenty of speed, ease of use and pumping. Interconnectivity between our systems ensures maximum compatibility with all components of the same range so you can change your setup anytime without any problems. Features our Carbon Mast Plate (CP02K) weighing 30% less compared to aluminium equivalents, reducing the weight of the mast by about 10% while maintaining the mechanical properties and robustness of the system. Together with its Tuttle Masthead Connector (T03K), it offers the ultimate transferability between a plate or Tuttle systems.

Feature Benefits
The ready-to-ride solution, Wing foiling dedicated, Interconnectivity with other components, Highly manoeuvrable, High top-end speed, and Easy to pump, Easy to use Carbon Rail Plate fits our Quick Release system


Quick Release System Q01K
With this upgrade, you can decide to leave the carbon plate (P02K) or Tuttle (T03K) connected to the board permanently and mount the hydrofoil in a few seconds through a single conical screw, with just a few turns of the key without having to set up on the board each time. Purchase the Quick Release Q01K System separately.

Mini Tuttle Masthead System T03K
Our modular Tuttle Masthead Connector makes it possible to use your mast both with a plate or with Tuttle, designed for maximum lightness and strength, milled directly in our factory starting from premium aluminium ingots and fully deep-anodised. The T03K Tuttle Masthead makes it possible to upgrade to our quick-release system (Q01K) to assemble and disassemble in a few seconds without losing the configuration on the board.

Quality Assured - Mistral Powered by SAB 
Our synergistic relationship with Italian-based makers and designers SAB (formerly MOSES foils) ensures our equipment is designed and produced at the very highest levels of quality and performance. Made in Italy, using top-quality composite materials and mechanical components, and manufactured using anthropomorphic robots, CNC machines, presses and ovens. The foils are designed using certified CAD software, virtually prototyped with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and tested by trusted professional athletes to ensure maximum quality, performance and reliability to our customers.

Included equipment
  • Bag Hydrofoil kit bag fits all items
  • Mast M83K mast
  • Front Wing FW1100 Front Wing
  • Stab Stab 207
  • Fuselage F703K Fuselage
  • Rail Plate CP02K Carbon Rail Plate Stainless Plate to Board Rail Screws and Truck Nuts
  • Connection Hardware MH138 Hardware Kit for F703K, Flat Head Screws Hex M8x35x2 + Conical Washers x2 MH107 Hardware Kit for Stab 207 Flat Head screws M6x16mmx2 MH134 Hardware Kit for FW2100 Flat Head Screws Hex M8x35x1 + Flat Head Screws Hex M8x30 x2
  • Vibration Pads Foam Pads to fit Carbon Rail Plate
  • Tools Allen Keys, Torx Key, Grease
  • Shims -0,5°/-1°/-1,5°/-2°/-2,5°/-3°
  • Mast Specs Carbon M83k - Height 830 mm
  • Front Wing Specs Carbon FW 1100 - Span 799 mm Surface 1100 cm2 Root Chord 170 mm Aspect Ratio 5.8
  • Fuselage Specs Aluminium - Length 703 mm Connection Type T8
  • Carbon Plate Carbon dual rail
  • Rear Stabiliser Span 400 mm Surface 207 cm2 Root Chord 64 mm Aspect Ratio 7.7
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Carbon mast, rear stabiliser and rail plate. Aluminium fuselage. Marine-grade hardware.
  • Care Use silicone gel supplied or similar before connecting hardware. Rinse connection points thoroughly with fresh water after use!
  • Storage Flush with fresh water, and dismantle and grease all connection points. Store in the bag supplied.
  • Activities Winging, Foiling
  • Color Black