Windsurf Rigs

Windsurf Rigs


Contemporary Windsurfing Equipment

The basic elements of the modern-day windsurfer consist of the windsurfing board and windsurfing rig. The windsurfing rig is the most complex part of the system and includes the windsurfing sail, mast, windsurfing boom, mast foot (universal joint) and mast extension.

Windsurfing Sails

Windsurfing sails are calculated in terms of surface area and range from 1.5 - 4.5m for children and beginners, then extend from 5.4m to 7.8m as a typical range. They are sized and cut (designed) specifically for different disciplines and wind strengths. Importantly, windsurfing sails are cut and tuned to specific mast designs.

How a Windsurfing Rig Comes Together

The windsurfing sail is fitted to the mast via the sail's mast sleeve. The (wishbone) windsurfing boom is connected to the mast using a windsurfing boom clamp tensioner. The windsurfing boom is set at a height relative to the rider's. The windsurfing sail is tensioned outward via an outhaul line secured to the windsurfing boom's end. The luff (leading edge) of the windsurfing sail is tensioned downward using a downhaul and connected to the mast foot, which is slotted into the base of the mast.

The mast foot connects to the board fitted into a mast track secure by an 8mm rectangular bolt and plate. The windsurfing mast foot provides 360-degree flexibility via a moulded urethane diablo (universal joint). Mistral mast foot is the universal heavy-duty connection between the board and sail for all windsurfing and windSup boards with either a standard mast foot track or a mast foot mount equipped with an M8 thread

Children's Windsurfing Rig

Children's windsurfing rigs can be as small as 1.5m but average around 3m relative to the age at which they begin. The premium rig choice would include an aluminium mast to keep the weight minimal. For higher performance, use a carbon composite mast construction such as with our Revival 3m Rig.